Rise and Grind

Of course great beans are essential to a great tasting cup of coffee but a grinder is a close second. The difference between a good burr (automatic or manual) grinder and a cheap blade grinder can drastically impact the outcome of your brew. That's because a good burr grinder results in more evenly sized grounds allowing the water to flow through at a more uniform rate, delivering a more consistently predictable brew. A good home electric burr (conical or flat) grinder will average approximately $150 on the lower end and should have multiple grind settings allowing you to use it for as fine as espresso or as course as drip or French press. A decent electric grinder should last many years and require little maintenance to keep them operating. If an automatic is out of your budget, there are many great manual grinders on the market today (and on this website), so I would suggest starting with a decent manual grinder ($25-$80) and start experimenting with different grind settings and various beans to see what you like the most. Electric or manual, either is a great investment and an essential tool in your coffee brewing arsenal.